Recent Projects

Some projects I worked on back in 2020-2021 during my time at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment where I learned a lot about working with teams especially communication.


The Perfect Shot is a first-person narrative-focused adventure game where you play as a child who grieves for their father after a fictional war in the early 20th century. The player explores a European inspired train station, re-taking photos of where they last spent time with their father, reliving the memories they had.

Check Out My Devlog about The Production of the Game.



Lover's Peak is about a boy and girl sharing their memories and love for each other. After having the loving conversation, the two began talking about the future if a planet-killing comet wasn’t going to hit their planet. The two share their final “I Love You’s” with each other before the comet destroys Earth.



Elena is a first-person disaster game where the player plays as Elena trying to grab supplies and run to a bunker before a nuke hits Australia.