I spent most of my youth watching films by filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante, Tim Burton, Robert Zemeckis, Brad Bird, and more. I played video games from all genres, adventure and mystery games particularly.

Back then, I read books in all forms, wrote stories, and drew story ideas for characters, storylines, and settings. Now grown up, I still write and draw, watch films, play video games, and listen to music in my spare time, making me the creative-minded person I am today.

I first began studying as a Graphic Designer at the Holmesglen Institute. However, I found it wasn’t suitable for him, but I did learn a lot more about new ways of creative thinking. After completing the Graphic Design course, I signed up at The Academy of Interactive Entertainment to study Game Design. While at AIE, I gained experience managing teams and following a strict brief. I learned about strong communication, teamwork, and focusing on tasks until completion. I have a strong passion for projects outside of Game Design, like Filmmaking and Writing.

I am currently based in Melbourne, Australia.